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-Frog Professional Carving
  At Frog Tool Co Ltd we supply hand tools, plans, books and finishing materials to wood workers and do-it-yourselfers from beginners to experienced masters of their craft.  
  The products in out catalog represent the finest manufacturers from all over the world. No matter what size project you are working on or considering, we have the tools that will help you create.  
  Please look through our catalog. We are constantly updating this site by adding products and updating product information.  

Product sections that need to be updated are still included. They are scanned copies from our last printed catalog, so prices are from 1993 and need to be updated.

  Visit our Books section to see our selection of titles on all kinds of woodworking subject.  
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-German Carving Tools
-Chisel Handles
-Files &Rasps
-Foredom Power Tools
-Hammers & Mallets
-Woodburning Tools
-Table Hardware
-Cabinetmaker's Chisels
-Carpenters Gouges &
Low Priced Carving Tools
-Knives, Punches & Aprons
-Sharpening Tools
-Safety Equipment
-Screwdrivers & Fasteners
-Dowelling Supplies
-Roller Stands &
-Measuring, Layout &
Marking Tools
-Wooden Planes
-Metal Planes & Blades
-Drawknives, Scorps &
-Woodturning Tools &
Lathe Accressories
-Veneer, Formica &
Laminate Tools
-Shop Aids
-Log & Timber Framing
-Sanding Tools &
Abrasive Items
-Glue & Equipment
-Finishing Materials
-Furniture Plans